Game-breaking Valorant exploit lets Cypher shoot with his Spycam

Riot Games

One of the first undeniably game-breaking Valorant exploits has been uncovered, featuring an absurd glitch that allows Cypher’s Spycam ability to mow down enemies from afar.

While Valorant is still early into its initial beta period, content creators and FPS veterans have been dedicating themselves to the grind through almost every waking hour, discovering new strategies and learning new tricks along the way.

The latest revelation from a former PUBG pro is sure to jump to the top of Riot’s list of things to fix, however, as Cypher may have just become the most broken Agent in Valorant.

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Cypher's abilities as they appear in Valorant's closed beta.Riot Games
Cypher is one of 10 Agents available in Valorant’s beta.

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At the beginning of a match on April 13, former PUBG pro Mike ‘sharky’ Garit, was locked in as Cypher on the Bind map.

Placing his Spycam ability over the B-bomb site, the camera quickly upgraded into a lethal turret as the ability picked up a weapon from a friendly Sage.

The interaction bugged out and the camera was left stuck in the wall with a weapon to use. Retreating back to their spawn, players couldn’t believe what they were witnessing as they essentially gained an extra life with no risks involved.

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As the enemy team pushed through to the objective, sharky was able to tag one and actually eliminate an opposing Brimstone while using the Spycam. The exploit was further broken down on YouTube by ‘Firewall’ as they revealed just how powerful the glitch can be.

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“If you place Cypher’s camera, shoot the dart, and then drop your pistol into it,” the weapon will vanish, according to the YouTuber.

It seems as though the exploit is possible with any pistol-type weapon and also gives the player unlimited ammo to boot.

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After the reveal of what appears to be a completely game-breaking glitch, this Cypher interaction is sure to be repeated until Riot gets a hotfix out in the near future.

If you’re just getting into the beta and want to learn how to play Cypher without any exploits however, here’s our full rundown on the crafty agent.

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