When is Valorant Episode 1: Act 3? Ignition Battlepass, Act 2 end date

Andrew Amos
Ignition episode header for ValorantRiot Games

Valorant Episode 1: Act 2 is underway, but players are already looking ahead towards the next one. We’ve got everything you need to know, from how long you’ll need to spend grinding out the Act 2 Battlepass, to when you’ll need to finish it by ahead of Valorant Act 3.

Act 1 has come and gone in Valorant. Those first two months after release went by blistering fast. While players were treated to a new map in Ascent and agent Reyna in the first act, Act 2 doesn’t have quite as much content.

There’s no new map on the way ⁠— but there’s a new Agent in Killjoy. The German technician is now available for play in Valorant. You can activate her contract now in the Agents tab and grind for tier five, or just cough up the 1,000 VP to pick her up immediately.

Killjoy looking at computer in Valorant Act 2Riot Games
Killjoy was released when Act 2 dropped on August 4.

That’s not the only progression system you can grind right now either. A new Act means a new Battlepass, packed to the brim with skins, sprays, player cards, and more.

If you’re curious of just how long it will take you to get through the Battlepass though, and how much time you have to do so, you’ve come to the right place. Act 2 will be gone in a flash, much like Act 1, so don’t sit on your laurels.

When will Valorant Ignition Act 2 end?

As they’ve previously mentioned, Riot want to dedicate approximately six months per Episode. With three Acts per Episode, that means each Act will last approximately two months.

Riot followed through with that promise in Act 1, running the pass from June 2 to August 4. And it looks like they’re staying consistent with their original promise, after announcing on September 11 that Episode 1: Act 2 will end on October 13.

After this date, you won’t be able to redeem any of the rewards on your Act 2 Battlepass. It will instead be refreshed with a new pass for the third and final Act of the Ignition episode.

How long will it take to complete Act 2?

You’ll have the same amount of time to grind for all the Act 2 rewards ahead of Act 3’s release ⁠— 100 hours. Be sure to pace yourself though… Try to complete the daily and weekly missions, and grab yourself that knife at Tier 50.

If you want to blaze through the Battlepass at top speed though, there’s ways you can do that. We’ve got you covered for the best way to get from tier one to Tier 50 in a flash, so you can flex your rewards before anyone else.