New Valorant Undercity Skin bundle launches with spotlight on mystery character

Alan Bernal
riot games valorant undercity jett skin bundle
Riot Games

There’s a new Undercity skin bundle in Valorant that spotlights Riot’s version of Seoul from the Can’t Slow Me Down music video.

Since Valorant launched, Riot’s been pumping out different cosmetics for their array of weapons, each with its own twist in design.

Even more interesting is the name of the bundle, ‘Undercity,’ which has popped up in Riot’s wider franchises like their Netflix show ‘Arcane,’ and crossover initiatives in League of Legends and TFT.

At the center of the bundle is the mysterious figure from Jett’s music video who has found a place on Valorant’s weapons with the Undercity skins.

Valorant Undercity skin bundle

valorant undercity
Riot Games
The figure in the Valorant Undercity leaked bundle has appeared before.

Riot launched the Undercity bundle on February 16 and comes with six total items including a dual-wielding melee skin.

The skin bundle will go for the Premium Edition price of 7100 VP which will give players instant access to all the cosmetics.

Valorant Undercity skin bundle prices:

  • Undercity Phantom – 1775 VP
  • Undercity Judge – 1775 VP
  • Undercity Bulldog – 1775 VP
  • Undercity Classic – 1775 VP
  • Undercity Melee – 3550 VP
  • Undercity Bundle – 7100 VP

The Melee skin will be the priciest bit of the bundle with a supposed value of 3550 VP and comes with a level 2 upgrade for an animation to dual-wield an axe and knife.

valorant undercity skins
Riot Games
The official Undercity skin bundle that is now live in Valorant.

Even more intriguing is the figure plastered on all the Undercity skins who appear in a similar pose in Riot’s music video with the name of ‘Victoria Vector.’

Not much is known about the character but it’s worth noting that the ‘Undercity’ can be a reference to Zaun which lies below Piltover in the show Arcane, based on League of Legends lore. League champ, Vi, is a main character in the show and shares a resemblance to Victoria Vector, if the Piltover Enforcer had blue hair like her sister Jinx.

Riot Games have a knack for not-so-subtle shoutouts to their other franchises via cross-promotions. Now that the Valorant Undercity bundle is in the store, it’ll be interesting to see if Riot uses this as a foundation for more content in the future.