Valorant cosplayer controls the battlefield as intoxicating Viper

valorant viper cosplay imageInstagram: toxic.tenshi, Riot Games

Valorant’s American chemist and Controller extraordinaire, Viper, has intoxicated many a player, and this cosplayer is hoping to slither her way into your heart with a stunning cosplay.

Of all Valorant’s ever-growing roster of deadly Agents, American chemist and queen of all things toxic, Viper, remains one of the game’s most popular characters.

As one of the title’s base characters, we’ve had a while to get to know the feisty Controller, as she’s appeared in countless cutscenes and promo material for Riot’s flagship FPS.

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Hoping to choke out the competition is British cosplayer toxic.tenshi (Ella), whose spectacular rendition of Valorant’s resident temptress will have you crying for air.

valorant viper and phoenix fighting on havenRiot Games
Viper has been in Valorant since day one, intoxicating fans across the globe.

Valorant Viper cosplay smokes out the competition

Choosing to bring Viper to life as “I’m a Valorant streamer and honestly I just adore the game,” Ella told Dexerto “I have only been playing for five months but I completely fell in love with it after reading about the lore! It really makes it stand out compared to other FPS games.”

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While her “goal is to cosplay every female Agent I can,” she notes that Viper was high on the priority list as “I really love her abilities and character design, and I felt like I could really do her justice since her personality is so strong like my own!”

Taming the Controller Agent wasn’t easy, though. “I am so used to cosplaying pretty cute anime girls or game characters, I really took a leap of faith and tried something new,” she states. “I wanted to push myself further and see how talented I could become, doing this cosplay has really inspired me to push myself in the future.”

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Despite her reservations, this cosplay is absolute perfection. Channeling Viper’s feisty personality, Ella can be seen replicating the Agent’s fluid hand movements, giving off an heir of pure superiority. From her ebony hair down to the tips of her green and black combat jumpsuit, Ella literally embodies America’s toxic chemist.


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Her Valorant cosplay journey will not be ending here, as she’s not yet fulfilled that goal of creating all of Future Earth’s female saviors.

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“As long as I love Valorant I will keep cosplaying from there,” she told Dexerto, hinting that Neon is “definitely one of my next cosplays.”

With all eyes on Ella to see which Agent she transforms into next, we can’t wait to watch her blossom and evolve as a cosplayer. Until then, though, we’d better keep an eye on our angles – you never know where Viper will spring from.

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