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Valorant pro Mixwell shares his best tips & tricks on new Icebox map

Published: 15/Oct/2020 2:14

by Alan Bernal


Valorant’s new Icebox map brings a ton of verticality unlike others in the rotation. That means, of course, G2 Esports pros Mixwell, Davidp and ardiis are already dissecting every angle they can for the best tips & tricks to look out for.

The G2 lineup has been tearing up the European Valorant scene, not counting the epic showmatch with Team Liquid. Mixwell and his crew have won 26 of their last 30 overall maps, and much to the credit of how they play the field.

Some of the EU stars showed how to navigate the new map, since it’s bound to confuse a few people with how many angles there are on a given site to clear or exploit.

What makes this locale even more tricky to predict are the vertical ziplines that lets Agents quickly traverse an area, at the cost of completely exposing yourself.

G2 Esports YouTube
Icebox is one of Valorant’s more open maps for outplay potential.

What are the best Agents for Icebox?

Mixwell sees Icebox as a clear opportunity for Raze, Omen and Jett to make use of their mobility. Jett players will especially appreciate the maze-like architecture to quickly dash out of danger.

Because of the narrow chokepoints and snipernests on various levels, Omen-mains are going to run rampant. His blinds will be able to clear entire walkways while being able to use Shrouded Step for cheeky repositions.

As for Raze, there’s not really much people will be able to do when they hear her pop the ult and Blast Pack virtually anywhere for a quick kill.

If it’s verticality that’s needed, any one of these Agents will let you get the most out of Icebox’s levels and it’s helpful that they’re already some of the top tier picks in the roster.

Site coverage on Icebox

A-site is going to be a nightmare for offenses to crack with a defense that commits enough players to hold down the fort.

Davidp showed how OP angles can cut down viable entry points for other teams while still giving easy fallback positions.

Both sites have a lot of opportunities to use short-range flashes for quick counter plays, so Breach, Omen and new Agent Skye will be able to thrive on both sides.

Omens will be even better assets for site coverage as ardiis demonstrated after teleporting across the open shaft that Riot put on the map.

The Valorant community are bound to find more advantages on Icebox as they get to know the map, but G2 gave people a great place to start for newer players.

Call of Duty

4 tips & tricks to surviving Warzone Zombie Royale LTM

Published: 20/Oct/2020 22:39

by Tanner Pierce


One of the biggest features added to Call of Duty: Warzone during the Haunting of Verdansk event is the Zombie Royale LTM, which is easily one of the more unique modes the game has seen to date. Here are some tips to help you out in this undead-infested game-type.

The Haunting of Verdansk Halloween-themed event is finally here and its brought along with it a ton of content. Players can finally drop into a night version of the map, collect special Halloween-themed items, and get jump-scared in hilarious fashion by surprise chests.

Out of all the content added, however, Zombie Royale is easily the most different. Players jump into a sectioned off version of the map, and fight like normal to get to the top.

The catch, however, is that there’s no Gulag; instead, all players automatically get revived as Zombies that have special abilities. This might be a bit intimidating but luckily there’s some things you can remember to help you out.

Once players die in the new mode, they come back to life as a Zombie and have a chance to redeploy as a human.

Use your abilities to their fullest potential

Dying and turning into a Zombie in the new LTM may seem like a disappointing experience at first, but you’ll soon learn that the undead have special abilities surviving players don’t.

For instance, Zombies are able to throw a gas grenade at an enemy to incapacitate them. You also have an EMP pulse, which will take out enemy electronics with ease.

The most unique ability, however, is the Charged Jump, which easily helps you take out other enemies as they’ll be thrown off by how far you fly. You can use it to get away from an opponent that’s about to take you out or fly to get the drop on them quicker.

Zombies have special abilities that normal players don’t in the new LTM mode.

Find Antiviral syringes as quickly as possible

Once you turn into a Zombie, the fight still isn’t over. Undead players can find an Antiviral item by killing enemies – two of these consumables allow you to respawn with your loadout and rejoin your squad.

The best part about this is that, when playing as a Zombie, you can see the locations of all the Antivirals around the map at the same time in your minimap. This means that you technically don’t even have to kill someone if you want to come back, you can just set out to find these syringes.

Don’t stop fighting until your whole team is wiped

In the normal version of Warzone, if you win the Gulag, you’ll get one more shot at survival but after you die again, you’re done. With this LTM, if you come back as a human, you can go back to being a Zombie for as many times as you keep dying.

The last squad that has a surviving Operator wins, even if everyone else has turned into a Zombie, which means it’s always worth playing for the win even if the circumstances seem dire.

Zombies players can come back as a human and die to become a Zombie again as many time as they want if they follow the proper steps.

Even if you turn undead in the first few seconds, you still have close to the same chance of winning as someone who dies later on in the game – just make sure to keep looking for syringes to return and help your surviving teammates out.

Increase your pace when playing as a survivor

Zombies possess incredible speed in this LTM, allowing them to catch up to players in very little time. As a survivor, the best way to combat this is by building loadouts that don’t have as much weight.

For example, it might be smarter to run classes that feature an SMG and a combat knife rather than a bulky LMG or rocket launcher. A perk like Double Time suddenly becomes a lot more important to have equipped, doubling the duration of your sprint and decreasing the cooldown of Tactical Sprint.

There you have it – some tips and tricks to help you not only survive the Zombie Royale LTM, but to also start winning some matches!