Valorant players want “Match Accept” button added in Episode 3

Valorant phoenix match acceptRiot Games

It’s been a hot topic since Valorant’s release, but the absence of a “Match Accept” button has led to many dodges ⁠— whether intentional or not. Players want it added in Episode 3, but Riot isn’t sure it belongs in the game just yet.

It’s happened to everyone once before. You’ve gone to the bathroom mid-Valorant queue, or perhaps the kitchen for a quick snack, and you come back and you’ve been kicked out of the game.

The queue has popped, you forgot to pick an Agent, and now you’re left with a cooldown timer. It sucks. This exact situation has happened frequently enough that Valorant players have started pushing Riot to add a “Match Accept” button.

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The feature will act like the one in League of Legends, where after you queue up, you have to declare you are ready to accept the game by clicking an extra button before getting into champion select.

LoL match accept button clientRiot Games
League of Legends has a Match Accept button. Valorant players want something similar.

A Twitter poll of 10,000 Valorant players showed 82.8% of them were in favor of adding a “Match Accept” button.

However, Riot seems hesitant on adding it. The personal opinion of some of the developers tends towards keeping the process of getting into the game as close to one-click as possible.

“Isn’t queuing up itself the ‘ready’ button? I hate when you’re queuing in LoL and you have to click accept like, five times because people keep missing the ready check,” QA Manager Kevin ‘Koalafier’ O’Brien said.

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While the developer didn’t promise anything, they discussed the best way to potentially implement a system, and it got players hopeful.

The system could allow players to dodge certain maps if it shows on the “Match Accept” button, like it does in CS:GO, or give players an extra check to make sure they’ve queued up for the correct game mode.

Yoru and Viper Valorant Patch 2.06 buffsRiot Games
A “Match Accept” button would make sure everyone is ready to go before jumping into game.

It’d also ensure players are ready to go, and stop technical issues plaguing the game and forcing a remake.

The feature hasn’t been outlined in any of Valorant’s Episode 3 and beyond plans, but with it gaining traction yet again heading into Year 2, it could potentially be on its way.

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