Valorant Episode 3 weapon changes reveal massive rework to economy

Lauren Bergin
Valorant Gun Changes

Ever since Valorant’s release players have been forced to juggle their economy to try and snag the most powerful weapons while buying up their abilities, but a total rework to the system could change the balance in Episode 3. 

The Valorant economy has been a contentious topic since the game’s release. Many players believed the cost of abilities were too cheap compared to the guns.

That argument is being flipped on its head though. There are some serious changes to weapon prices coming in Valorant Episode 3, and it’ll skew not just what guns are meta, but how the game is played entirely.

Operator scoping in Valorant.
The Op still remains the most expensive gun in the game, but it doesn’t break the bank the same way it used to.

Half of Valorant’s guns receive price cuts in Episode 3

Nine guns — half of the armory available to Valorant players — are getting big price cuts to mark the start of Valorant Episode 3.

The Guardian (2,400 to 2,250) and the Operator (5,000 to 4,700) are two of the bigger benefactors, putting them more in reach of players at key points in the game.

The Operator change itself means players can now buy up utility while wielding the big sniper in overtime. However, you won’t be able to get those Light Shields, just a smidge too expensive at 400 Creds.

Valorant Episode 3
The shopkeeper has changed the price of their goods in Valorant Episode 3.

The Stinger (1,100 to 950) and Marshal (1,000 to 950) changes will change the way players approach eco rounds too. It might not be much, but it adds up. The Stinger meta of old isn’t that long ago, and the price cut could bring it back to prominence.

The weapon price changes in Valorant counter-balance the nerfs to ability prices. Most Agents are having their spell costs increased by anywhere from 50 to 200 Creds. The two changes will work in harmony to bring more gunplay, and less utility, into the meta.

You can find the full list of Valorant weapon changes for Episode 3 below. The changes will go live on June 22.

Valorant Episode 3 weapon changes


  • Decreased price from 1,600 >>> 1,500


  • Decreased price from 900 >>> 850


  • Decreased price from 2,100 >>> 2,050


  • Decreased price from 500 >>> 450


  • Decreased price from 2,400 >>> 2,250


  • Increased price from 1,600 >>> 1,850


  • Decreased price from 1,000 >>> 950


  • Decreased price from 5,000 >>> 4,700


  • Decreased price from 200 >>> 150


  • Decreased price from 1,100 >>> 950