Valorant players desperately want jungle map next after “stale” Sunset release

Shay Robson
an image of Kuronami melee in Valorant

Valorant players are wanting a jungle-themed map to be released next after Sunset’s “stale” Episode 7 launch.

Valorant launched with just four maps at the very beginning, with Bind, Split, Haven, and Ascent all offering something different from one another with unique mechanics.

Close to four years since the first-person shooter’s release, there are now a staggering 10 maps for players to enjoy in the classic 5v5 mode — not including the numerous Team Deathmatch exclusive maps.

However, anticipation has begun as we creep up on the next map launch and players are calling for a jungle-themed map to be added following Sunset’s “stale” release in Episode 7.

Valorant players want jungle map for next release

In a Reddit post on February 16, one Valorant fan put their ideas out into the open and has suggested that the Riot devs should make a jungle-themed map next.

“I really really want a jungle map next… Like thick forest with hills and streams. Tree houses, army camp style for planting sites. Vine swinging, animals here and there.

“An interesting new mechanic I devised is to have a cave in the center of the map that switches its walls every 20 seconds, so you have to knife mark the walls to navigate through it.”

They added: “Sunset is so stale to me. It’s like they copied the soullessness of Hollywood 1 to 1. What do you guys think of this map idea? Can be named ‘The Thicket’. An amazon Brazilian map.”

In the replies, many players were on board with the idea, agreeing they’d love to see a map of that style. “Wait that would actually be so sick, I totally agree!! New mechanics are exactly what Valorant maps need,” said one.

While another stated: “I don’t know what to think about the switching walls part, but that map theme/layout sounds freakin’ awesome.”

Typically, Riot has released a new map at some point during each episode, and with the newest map Sunset launching back in Episode 7 Act 2, the next release isn’t too far off. Although, we’ll just have to wait and see what the devs have cooked up when the time comes.

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