Riot confirms Team Deathmatch coming to Valorant plus more new modes

Valorant to get a team deathmatch modeRiot Games

Riot Games has revealed that Valorant is getting a Team Deathmatch mode in 2023 along with other new modes in an installment of Dev Diaries.

Valorant has not had the most diverse game modes on offer since launching in 2020. But, that is set to change in 2023, as Riot Games has revealed that Valorant will get a new Team Deathmatch mode along with other new ways to play.

In a Dev Diaries posted on January 24, Executive Producer Anna Donlon said that Valorant will see some new game modes, including Team Deathmatch. The game already has its own version of Deathmatch and recently added Swift Play, a shorter version of a normal Valorant game.

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Valorant has also seen some other different modes filter through its playlist including Spike Rush and Replication.

Team Deathmatch coming to Valorant

The Game Director for Valorant, Andy Ho, also said in the video that Valorant will see other modes introduced to the game along with its in-client path to pro mode, Premier.

“There will also be new modes to give you more ways to play Valorant, such as Swift Play as well as another new mode that we are planning to launch later this year,” Ho said.

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Ho did not go into specifics, but Donlon did tease that Valorant will have its own take on the classic FPS game mode. Valorant is different than other classic FPS games when it comes to gameplay as every Agent has different abilities that can impact the mode. Whether Riot will remove these gameplay elements for this mode, or how the developer will handle weapon choice, has yet to be revealed.

Other updates given in the video include more in-game content to come, Premier mode, Valorant coming to consoles and how Riot hopes to combat in-game toxicity and harassment.

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