Valorant players are disappointed with the new UWU title

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Valorant players have jokingly expressed their disappointment in the new UWU title, claiming Riot has formatted it incorrectly.

Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant has exploded onto the FPS scene. Brandishing stylish and flashy gameplay mixed in with its iconic agents from the hero shooter genre, it’s taken the best of both worlds and profited immensely.

Part of Valorant’s success can be attributed to its free-to-play nature, where anyone can hop in and play regardless of cost. In order to account for the free-to-play monetization system of Valorant, Riot would release several bundles of paid cosmetic items such as skins, player cards, and knives.

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One such cosmetic that has been loved by the community is the player titles, which are exactly what you’d think. They’re small titles players can put next to their name, with many of them being references to in-game content or shoutouts to community members. Most of these player titles come through the battle pass Riot releases for a small price. However, the most recent battle pass title UWU has the Valorant player base disappointed.

Rank 15 of the Episode 6 Act 3 battle pass contains the rather hilarious UWU title. A reference to a popular emote depicting a cutesy face. Unfortunately, Riot’s version of UWU didn’t go down too well with players, as they jokingly pointed out in a Reddit post.

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“This is completely incorrect, the title should have been UwU instead, as it is supposed to be a emoticon. Rito, pls change, the game’s unplayable.” the post stated.

Players were happy to hear that they could receive the title for free, but really wish that Riot would look to change it so it’s more accurate to the UwU emote.

A product manager eventually responded to the post, however not giving any information about if the company is looking to change the title. “Apologies, we’ll do better next time” they replied.

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There’s a possibility that Riot looks to make a change to the title, considering the community uproar. However, there has yet to be any confirmation that they’ll be changing it anytime soon.

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