Valorant coach causes VCT pause after slamming desk & breaking tech

Daniel Appleford
Paper Rex Alecks

Paper Rex Valorant head coach Alecks slammed the desk so hard during the Pacific Stage 1 finals that it caused a tech pause, causing the entire broadcast to be interrupted so he could fix his setup.

Alecks has become well-known in the Valorant community for taking out his frustrations with his team on whatever coaching desk he’s at. But his frustrations finally reached a fever pitch during the grand finals of Pacific Stage 1 against Gen.G.

A tech pause was called during one of the maps, which isn’t uncommon in professional play. However, this time, the tech pause was for a coach, not a player.

Shortly after the pause, the camera turned to the Paper Rex coaching area, where Alecks was nowhere to be found. Instead, multiple Riot Games employees were working around the deck Alecks had been sitting at.

For reference, Alecks is notorious for his reactions when Paper Rex misplays, and his desk usually takes the brunt of his anger.

Alecks’ absence, combined with the tech pause, led onlookers to suspect one thing—Alecks had finally broken a desk during VCT.

Observers even panted to the crowd, where one fan could be seen holding up a sign with a drawing of Alecks slamming the desk on it, furthering the rumor that he had finally had enough of his team’s antics.

Paper Rex responded to the clip on X, tagging the parody account linked to Alecks’ desk slapping, also playing into the idea that he had broken the desk during the game.

“Are you still with us AlecksDesk?”

The clip soon surfaced on Reddit, and Pacific commentator Paperthin even commented on the situation’s hilarious nature.

“You can’t make this stuff up.” joked Paperthin.

“Was it you who loosened the bolts on Alecks’s desk? VCT Pacific now has an iconic tech pause moment.” asked another user.

“No comment.”

Despite Aleck’s frustration, Paper Rex was able to close out the match against Gen.G 3-2. They enter Masters Shanghai as the number one seed for their region and will automatically be placed in the playoffs.

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