New Valorant map Breeze revealed: layout, release date

New Valorant map artworkRiot Games

Breeze has been officially revealed as Valorant’s sixth map. The beach-themed map set somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle features a lot of open spaces and wide angles to really test your aim at range.

It’s time to soak in the sun in Valorant’s newest map, Breeze.

Launching with the Episode 2 Act 3 update, the sixth map to the pool will focus on long sightlines with a wide expansive playground to test your mettle on.

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“Breeze was heavily inspired by the islands in the Caribbean. We loved the old forts and tropical beaches. After the cold, angular world of Icebox, we were really excited for the open, bright, colorful world of Breeze,” said developer Devon Fay.

Tropical map breezeRiot Games
Caribbean vibes from the new Valorant map, Breeze.

Valorant Breeze map layout

Valorant’s Breeze features two open area bombsites, and plenty of wide chokepoints to take fights in. The A site has two Radianite towers in the middle with a cooling pool, as well as various boxes for cover.

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The B site is a lot more open, centered around a big pillar. There’s two chokepoints leading into the site, making it a bit easier to defend, but obviously harder to take.

More uniquely, there appears to be some one-way ziplines players can take to rotate between sites, and doors that allow players to get from one side of the map to the other.

Valorant map breeze layout

“One of the main goals we had with Breeze was building larger and more open spaces with longer sightlines than the other maps in the pool,” designer Sal ‘Volcano’ Garozzo said.

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“This provides an opportunity for different weapons and Agents to shine. Each map should provide different strengths and weaknesses for the Agents in the roster to explore while supporting different types of strategies and team compositions.”

Breeze map site in Valorant

Breeze release date in Valorant

Breeze will be coming with the Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 update, set to launch on Tuesday, April 27. The map will be available in all pools immediately, including Ranked, so it might be worth playing a few games of Unrated or jumping in a custom beforehand to get a feel.

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A new battle pass is launching with the Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 update, but there’s no new Agent ⁠— a first since launch. Instead, players will have to wait until Episode 3 for a new character.

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