Valorant leaks reveal free-for-all Deathmatch mode coming soon

Brad Norton
Valorant cinematic Phoenix

A new free-for-all Deathmatch playlist appears to be right around the corner as new Valorant leaks have revealed what we can expect.

Since the release of Valorant on June 2, players have only been treated players to three modes. There’s your standard casual experience, a ranked mode, along with the fast-paced Spike Rush. Dedicated players have been clamoring for more and their wishes might finally be answered with the next major update.

Following on from new voice lines and even a new ranked system being pulled from the game’s latest update, it appears fans can expect a new mode soon as well. While a Deathmatch of sorts has been teased for months, fresh leaks have uncovered even more details on the casual playlist.

Prominent Valorant dataminer ‘Mang0eLeaks’ compiled every scrap of new information hidden within the 1.04 update. Among the strings of new code was a reference to a Deathmatch mode across Haven, Split, and Bind.

New Valorant leaks reveal upcoming Deathmatch mode

Valorant code labels Deathmatch mode
The latest Valorant update included a few lines of code referring to a Deathmatch mode.

Listed explicitly as a game mode in the new lines of code, Deathmatch features multiple phases. Players will be dropped into one of three maps and begin in a ‘warm-up’ phase. This label will seemingly appear on-screen until the lobby transitions into the real match.

There’s no telling exactly how the mode will function, though the name implies it will be familiar to traditional Deathmatch from other FPS titles like CS:GO. Respawns should be plentiful, the pace should be fast, and the goal should be to get the most kills in a set period of time.

For the time being it appears as though this more casual playlist will be introduced as a free-for-all variant only, meaning that everyone will have to fend for themselves. A team-based option could still be coming down the line, however.

When will Deathmatch be coming to Valorant?

Valorant gameplay knife
It could be every player for themselves once this free-for-all mode is released.

A date hasn’t yet been set in stone for the upcoming Valorant mode though we can still speculate. The game’s first Act is expected to end on August 2 as the next batch of content rolls in. From a new Agent to fresh cosmetics, the upcoming update is shaping up to be the biggest yet.

It would make perfect sense for the second Act to introduce a new game mode as well. Riot has outlined plans for multiple Acts per Episode, each bringing major updates every few months. With players returning for the additional content, a Deathmatch mode would certainly be a welcome addition in Act 2.

Valorant Ignition artwork
Valorant’s first Episode will consist of multiple Acts.

Until Riot confirms the release of a Deathmatch mode, be sure to take this information with a grain of salt. There’s a chance that things can change in the lead up to Valorant’s next major update.

If you’re looking to sharpen your aim ahead of a potential free-for-all mode, however, here’s our in-depth guide to give you an edge.