Game-breaking Valorant exploit lets players stack objects on Reyna’s Leer

Michael Gwilliam

A new Valorant exploit and been discovered, giving players the ability to stack Agent abilities on top of Reyna’s Leer, resulting in some game-breaking combinations.

Reyna, Valorant’s newest Agent, has a unique flash ability called Leer which lets her equip and cast an orb eye that will nearsight enemies who see it.

As it turns out, players can put other abilities on top of the orb, but they will remain even once the eye disappears.

The bug was first discovered by YouTuber Webbo who said he and his friend found it by fooling around in-game. His video shows off just what players can do by utilizing this bug, and some of the strategies available are probably not what Riot Games had in mind.

For instance, one use is to throw the Leer orb into the air and then have a Sova player use Recon Bolt on it to help scout for nearby opponents.

Perhaps the most broken use of this glitch is that it allows Cypher and Viper to create one-way cages where they are not visible to the enemy, but they can see their foes coming.

The craziest combination, however, comes with Sage’s Wall as it can allow players to reach even higher locations and reach power positions to rain down terror at any unsuspecting adversary.

“I don’t know how we were able to find this bug, but it’s actually insane,” Webbo explained at the end of the video.

Viper’s smokes become even more powerful with this exploit.

Chances are that it will be patched out quickly, especially as Valorant’s ranked mode will be launching sometime later in June, and it’s unlikely Riot will want players abusing this bug in ladder matches.

Regardless, it’s probably not a smart idea to be using this exploit anyway as it may result in some sort of discipline, but it’s good to be aware of it in the event that the other team uses it against you.

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