Valorant Game Changers players say Harbor won’t be meta at Championship

Valorant Harbor controllers body imageRiot Games

In a pre-event press conference for the Valorant Game Changers Championship, multiple players in the competition said that Harbor won’t see much play, if at all, at the tournament.

Harbor has been a divisive Agent since his introduction to Valorant with many pros saying he is underpowered, or at least not useful enough to pick over other Agents in the current meta.

When asked about the possibility of seeing the newest Valorant agent at the Game Changers Championship in Berlin, the first Valorant Champions Tour event to have Harbor enabled, competitors said they don’t think he will make an appearance.

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“For us, whenever we’re playing scrims we barely see Harbor ever, and [when we do] it’s like they’re trying him out for the first time, so I don’t think we’re going to see much of him in this tournament,” Guild X player Vivian ‘roxi’ Schilling said.

an image of Harbor in ValorantRiot Games
Harbor is also known as Agent 21 in Valorant.

Cloud9 White’s Alexis ‘alexis’ Guarrasi echoed that sentiment and claimed that the new character might not even be picked during the event.

“He’s not a good replacement for Viper, another secondary controller, which kind of doesn’t make him very viable. So I don’t think he’s gonna get played at all,” alexis said.

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Harbor is not ready to dive into professional Valorant meta

Riot Games seems to understand that Harbor is not yet ready to see consistent play in the pro meta or the casual meta for that matter, and is set to make changes.

According to the Patch 5.10 notes, Harbor will receive one more charge for his Cascade ability. This means that the agent can push enemies more and potentially enter the meta with a more aggressive lean.

But, those changes will not impact the Game Changers Championship and thus players will probably not have to deal with a low-power Agent. However, teams could try to surprise opponents with a well-crafted Harbor composition to throw off the competition and win a map.

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