Valorant devs finally announce Oni 2.0 bundle after nearly 3 years

Riot Games

Valorant has just released a teaser for the Oni 2.0 bundle after nearly three years since the game’s release, and the hype is causing fans of the OG skin bundle to celebrate. 

The first Oni bundle was released back in July 2020, barely two months into the game’s release. Since then, the skin line has become a massive fan favorite for its themes of feudal Japan and mythology. 

Other skins released around the start of Valorant’s infancy already received the 2.0 treatment. Notably the Reaver, Prime, and Ion collections. But many fans of the Oni were left waiting for years, and finally, Riot has listened. 

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In a teaser tweet for the skin, Riot included the iconic Oni mask with four Katanas stuck into the ground. With the caption, in Kanji, again. 

Valorant devs have also released a trailer for the return of the Oni bundle. Showing skins for the Vandal, Bulldog, Ares, and a Frenzy, along with a Katana as its knife.

Its last iteration saw the Phantom, Guardian, Bucky, and Shorty in the Oni bundle, and now Valorant is looking to expand the lineup.

The bundle should retail for around 8,700 to 7,100VP, around $85 USD to purchase the required amount of VP, just like the other second versions of older skins. However, this is yet to be confirmed by the developers.

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And it seems the skin’s release will be in tandem with the start of Episode 6 Act II. Which should be coming out just as VCT LOCK//IN finishes.