Valorant esports LOCK//IN capsule: Misericórdia Knives, release date, more

LOCK//IN capsule cosmeticsRiot Games

Riot Games has revealed its cosmetic bundle for the Valorant Champions Tour kickoff tournament, the LOCK//IN capsule.

Riot Games is releasing a cosmetic bundle for its Valorant esports tournament set to take place in Brazil on February 13. The bundle, called the LOCK//IN capsule, will feature a knife, player cards and a spray.

Here’s how to get these capsules so that you can support your favorite Valorant team during the LOCK//IN tournament.

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When are the LOCK//IN capsules available?

The LOCK//IN capsules will be available in the in-game Valorant store from February 8 through March 7.

The tournament itself starts five days after the cosmetic bundle hits the store, and will still be available three days after it has ended. The items will not return to the store or the Night Market and will only be available as a bundle, no item will be sold separately.

VCT Lock//IN capsule sprayRiot Games
The LOCK//IN tournament is a showcase of the 30 partnered teams.

What are the Misericórdia knives?

The Misericórdia knives are the new melee weapon available in the LOCK//IN capsule, which are included as part of the capsule. The bundle will feature four variations for the melee weapon that represent each VCT international league.

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VCT Americas is represented by the green variant, VCT Pacific by the blue variant, VCT EMEA by the purple variant and the VCT circuit as a whole by the red variant.

LOCK//IN-themed cards are also in the capsule, with three different cards for the different leagues. The color scheme is the same as the melee weapon.

Finally, the capsule will have a spray featuring Raze with the LOCK//IN logo on her shirt screaming “Vamos!”

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How much does the LOCK//IN capsule cost?

The price for the bundle has yet to be revealed, however, previous bundles for VCT events cost around $60 so that is a good guess for the cost.

Teams that are Riot Games partners in the esport will receive 50% of the revenue from the bundle’s sales. Previously, Riot would split 50% of the bundle’s profits with teams that qualified for the world championship, Valorant Champions.

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