Valorant devs are fixing Sage wall boosts in closed beta patch

. 2 years ago
Riot Games

Sage’s walls have proven to be a bit of a nuisance in Valorant, allowing agents to hold surprising angles. The creativity of the community has caught Riot off-guard too, and now they’re ready to patch out some of the more egregious boost spots.

Sage might be Valorant’s dedicated healing agent, but her walls have proven to be lethal. Players have been tinkering with boosting allies on Sage’s wall to get to obscure spots opponents will never check.

However, these quirky spots haven’t gone unnoticed by Riot, and some of them will be patched out very shortly.

Riot Games
Sage’s walls are being fixed shortly in Valorant.

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Valorant game director Joe Ziegler has mentioned after an influx of reports, some of Sage’s common boost spots will be removed from the game.

“For those of you who have been reporting Sage wall issues with boosting into weird places, we are definitely working on fixing these. Stay tuned,” he said in an April 13 tweet.

Some of these spots are intended, especially when it’s on flat ground looking over objectives. However, Cypher and Sage boosts have proven to be incredibly powerful, especially when it’s at an off-angle.

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The floating walls Sage can place have also made way for ‘one-way’ smokes, with people drawing comparisons to CS:GO. It’s a two-for-one special ⁠— you can have someone on the wall, and someone watching below.

Players have been calling for these wall mechanics to be removed, although how Riot go about fixing them is still being debated. Sage’s wall operates a lot like Mei’s wall from Overwatch, which can be put onto any ground a player can stand on.

Forcing players to put it on flat surfaces, or implementing gravity so it can’t float, are two options some players have called for.

Riot are also looking at removing some of the angles players can look at, either by adding more assets onto the map to cut certain sight-lines, or adding invisible hitboxes.

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There’s been a few balance concerns with Valorant’s closed beta, especially regarding Raze and other agents. The game’s first patch, expected to come out on April 15, will not have any balance changes just yet.

However, players can expect some changes coming soon though as Riot looks to brush up things before the game goes public for everyone.

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