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Video shows striking similarities of Valorant and Overwatch abilities

Published: 13/Apr/2020 19:01

by Michael Gwilliam


Valorant’s closed beta has been dominating Twitch viewership since it began, and with people getting their hands on Riot Games’ FPS, some stark comparisons to abilities in Overwatch have been made.

A new video by GameV showcases all the abilities of Valorant Agents that look similar to some heroes in Overwatch.

The side-by-side comparison begins with Sova and Hanzo – two archers who have recon arrow abilities and Ultimates that go through walls.

Sova and Hanzo have similar kits.

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While Hanzo’s Dragon Strike summons a literal dragon rips through enemies, Sova’s Ultimate is a bit more tactical and requires some precision despite Hunter’s Fury getting three shots.


Another good side-by-side is with Sage and Mei. Both have wall and freeze abilities. Sage’s Wall lasts a lot longer than Mei’s and takes more time to destroy. Meanwhile, Mei’s Blizzard doesn’t freeze teammates or herself while Sage’s Slow Orb does.

The next two similar characters come from Omen and Reaper as both Teleport and Shadowstep look nearly identical, animation and all.

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Finally, both Sage and Mercy have a Resurrection ability, who in Sage’s case, it’s her Ultimate. This one is similar, but it’s a mechanic that is so basic it’s hard to consider it a copy of any sort.


Interestingly, the video doesn’t compare Raze and Junkrat. While their Ultimates are different, both characters scream “fire in the hole” when activating them.

Sadly, not all of GameV’s comparisons work so well. For instance, Tracer’s Blinks and Jett’s Tailwind. This one is a bit of a stretch, as Blinks come online far more often.

Both walls can be used for vertical mobility.

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The same can be said for Phoenix’s Hot Hands and Soldier 76’s Biotic Field. Soldier’s ability heals himself and teammates while Phoenix only heals himself and does damage to foes.

This said, there is quite a lot of overlap between games. With more Agents still to come, one has to wonder if they will have even more similarities to Overwatch heroes.