Valorant devs reveal huge Stinger changes ahead of patch 6.02

Valorant Sakura stinger skin being inspected in The RangeRiot Games

The Valorant devs have revealed major Stinger changes following huge community backlash, and the decision has fans split.

First undergoing changes in Patch 5.06, the Stinger has steadily climbed the Valorant rankings. Its absurdly high fire rate, as well as its affordability, makes the weapon a recipe for success when you’re low on credits.

With the Spectre also being hit with nerfs in late 2022, the rival sub-machine gun has since cemented itself as one of the best weapons in Valorant.

However, the developers are now making long-overdue changes, and players are torn with the decision.

Valorant devs reveal Stinger nerfs

Announced in a February 4 tweet, the devs are finally nerfing the Stinger in the upcoming Patch 6.02.

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First, the devs have increased the cost of the weapon. Players will now be set back 1,100 credits for the sub-machine gun — a 150 increase from 950.

As well as increasing the cost, Riot has adjusted the SMG’s damage fall-off. The Stinger will now deal 27 damage per bullet at 0 – 15 meters, and 23 damage per bullet above 15 meters.

“After a few weeks of tracking, we’re upping the cost of the Stinger and adjusting the damage fall-off in time for Patch 6.02,” the devs wrote.

They added: “We feel the Stinger is over-performing at its price point, especially in the early rounds, and lacks the right economic tradeoffs.”

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The community looks to be split by the decision, with some praising the devs while others are left unimpressed. “What a pointless nerf,” one fan wrote. “The weapon by itself is terrible enough, and now gotta pay more than It’s worth,” said another.

Patch 6.02 is set to go live on February 7, so we’ll see then how these nerfs actually affect the meta.