Valorant devs respond to game-breaking Sova Drone glitches

Brad Norton
Valorant Sova artwork

Sova’s Drone has been the source of much frustration in Valorant lately due to game-breaking exploits across multiple maps. However, Riot Games is well aware of the controversy.

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From Recon Bolts to his Hunter’s Fury Ultimate, Sova is one of the best Agents when it comes to gathering intel. Many of Valorant’s characters are designed to give your team the upper hand through awareness, though Sova might be taking things a step too far with some new glitches.

His Drone ability is able to travel a short distance for a short window of time. This is the tradeoff for peeking corners and checking over bombsites without risking your life. Though eight new exploits buck this trend and ignore the limitations.

Instead of soaring through the sky to gather intel, Sova’s Drone can dip underneath the map, through walls, and highlight every enemy player. Fortunately, the developers are already on the case.

“Found eight out of bounds Sova Drones that need to be fixed,” Reddit user ‘Vehementtoast’ shared on October 26. Across Haven and Bind, the Drone is able to go out of the playable space. As a result, textures bug out and disappear, giving off tons of overpowered intel.

Floating under the map allows the Sova player to call out enemy players without giving away the Drone’s position. Shooting it out of the sky is the most obvious counterplay when running into an enemy Sova. Though it simply isn’t possible here with the Drone being underground.

Not only can the ability provide intel across huge chunks of these maps, but it’s also invincible while doing so. There’s never any risk of being shut down by opposing Agents. This makes it the most powerful scouting ability in the game for the time being.

Thankfully, Riot is on the case. “We’ll look at fixing these for the next patch coming up,” Valorant designer Rycoux responded. There’s no telling when this upcoming patch might arrive, but we know for certain that fixing Sova is now a top priority.

Until this fix is deployed, it’ll pay to be extremely cautious on Haven and Bind. If you ever hear a Drone being activated, there’s a good chance it’ll be impossible to shut down. Try to play carefully during this phase as your position is likely to be called out.

Fingers crossed the next isn’t too far off. As always, keep your eyes on our Twitter feed @ValorantUpdates for any new information.