Twitch star AriaSaki hits back at Valorant troll verbally abusing her

ariasaki abused in valorantTwitch/AriaSaki/Riot Games

Twitch streamer AriaSaki was left “scared” after a Valorant troll began verbally abusing her in-game.

Valorant has proven to be an extremely hardcore game where tempers flare, but one player took things to another level when he was put into a game with AriaSaki.

Aria explained that when she was in the game, she had to deal with annoying comms and backseat gaming. After she had enough and demanded the player “sh*t up,” his friend stepped in.

In the clip Aria uploaded to Twitter, the streamer showcased how she received a tsunami of verbal abuse with the player calling her all sorts of foul names with the least offensive of the bunch being “dirtbag.”

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AriaSaki strikes back after Valorant player abuses her

Immediately after the toxic player’s first rant, AriaSaki had the perfect response, slamming back with a rhetorical, albeit amusing question.

“Wow, who hurt you, my guy?” she asked before uploading the clip to Twitter.

On social media, the Twitch streamer revealed that the player became “even more vile” and that his tirade actually had her afraid.

“I was a bit scared. Not at the words… But at the thought someone would go so far to verbally harass at the sound of an annoyed woman,” she said.

Since being posted on February 2, the clip has gone viral, amassing nearly 500,000 views. As a result, many fellow Valorant players are urging Riot to do something about the abuse, even demanding the player be hardware banned if necessary.

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“Pls tell me they got banned,” commented 100 Thieves streamer neekolul.

“Someone start tagging riot devs cause this ain’t it. He needs to go. IP ban him,” commented another.

It’s not known yet if the developers banned the users in question, but considering the drama the clip has caused, there’s a good chance the user may want to kiss his account goodbye.