TSM Zoe slams GirlGamer Valorant Tournament for “intrusive” gender verification

TSM ZoeRiot Games, Twitter: Zoessielol

TSM’s Zoe ‘Zoe’ Servais has been declined entry to the GirlGamer Valorant competition as she doesn’t have evidence of her identity. 

Riot Games have made an extensive commitment to Valorant players of marginalized genders to ensure their equal treatment.

VCT Game Changers, the women’s only leg of the Valorant Champions Tour, is well underway, and Riot’s devs have made promises to tackle sexism within the title itself.

However, a member of TSM’s female squad has been denied entry to the ‘Girl Gamer Esports Festival’ tournament for not having clear “evidence” of her identity.

tsm valorant all-women teamTwitter: TSM
TSM’s all female team has helped to shatter stigmas about competitive gaming.

TSM’s female squad’s IGL Zoe (drawn second from the left) is a transgender woman.

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On May 11, Zoe shared a scathing series of tweets, calling out the GirlGamer tournament for not accepting her entry due to her lack of proof that she is, indeed, a woman.

“So, because I haven’t had the time or money to legally change my name in my state, I’m now unable to participate in your tournaments because my ID doesn’t say “Zoe” on it,” she writes, concluding that “this is extremely intrusive of privacy.”

She continued in further tweets, “there are other ways of going about verifying someone and their gender identity, instead of asking for someone’s literal ID (which minors typically don’t even have) or proof of genital surgery.”

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Concluding that “it’s not just stupid, it’s absolutely f**king wrong and way out of line.”

GirlGamer esports responds

GirlGamer tournament officials responded on Twitter to Zoe’s criticism.

“We hear you, and changes will be made,” a response from the official account said.

Whether this will now allow Zoe to compete in the upcoming GirlGamer Esports Festival is unclear.