This Valorant pro is topping EMEA Ascension charts playing 3 different roles

Declan Mclaughlin
VCT EMEA stage

Portuguese Valorant player David ‘DaviH’ Cruz was the highest-rated player in EMEA Ascension during the tournament’s group stage playing three different roles for SAW.

Versatility is a hallmark of some of the best Valorant players in the world, and one player competing in EMEA Ascension has showcased that trait. DaviH is a Valorant pro competing with the Portuguese team SAW who played three different roles for the squad across the tournament’s group stage.

SAW placed second in Group A to qualify for the playoff stage of the event, with DaviH picking up Initiator, Controller and Duelist duties for the team. His main role is Controller, playing Omen and Astra, but on some maps, he plays Sova or Jett.

While juggling those different roles, and their different playstyles, DaviH has managed to put in impressive statistics and even leads the tournament’s charts in one key category.

EMEA Ascension Valorant player showcases versatility

During the group stage of EMEA Ascension, DaviH topped the tournament’s leaderboard for VLR rating, at 1.30, and ranked in the top five for kills per round and kill/death ratio.

The numbers show that, despite also playing some roles that are traditionally supportive, he can still frag with the best players at the tournament.

VCT EMEA studio
Players in EMEA Ascension are fighting for the right to enter the VCT EMEA League

DaviH has had a lot of support in the server from his teammate Tomás ‘tomaszy’ Machado. The teenage Duelist, who was linked with VCT Americas team Leviatán last year, has also had a breakout tournament at EMEA Ascension, where he is averaging a tournament-high ACS of almost 293.

tomaszy broke the 300 ACS mark in the three-map series against DSYRE playing Raze, Phoenix and Neon.

DaviH and tomaszy will look to carry their group stage performances into the playoffs as SAW fight for a spot in VCT EMEA through the promotion tournament. The squad will start their playoff journey on July 13 against Apeks.