TenZ apologizes to fans for mouse controversy and reveals prototype design

Declan Mclaughlin
TenZLance Skundrich/Riot Games

The launch of Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo’s second mouse has not gone well as fans have called out the esports professional for not showcasing its design ahead of asking for pre-orders. He has since apologized on social media.

TenZ is one of the most popular professional esports players having grown his audience through competing in Counter-Strike, Valorant and streaming. The Candian player has used his massive following to his advantage through collaborations and product launches. He launched a mouse with Finalmouse in 2022 that generated over $7 million in revenue in one day.

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However, his new mouse launch under his own brand has not been as successful. TenZ announced his “TenZ Secret Mouse” project on November 28, 2023, and has faced harsh criticism from fans for not showcasing the shape and other aspects of the product before asking for pre-orders.

The mouse is a limited product, with only about 20,000 being made and the price tag is $200. TenZ has since come forward and apologized for the lack of details around the mouse, and has revealed its prototype design.

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TenZ showcases mouse design and apologizes to fans

TenZ explained in a post on social media that the idea of making a mouse from scratch and releasing pre-orders before finalizing the design was “super ambitious.”

“My management believed it was an interesting idea to reveal each part of the mouse step by step and allow people to pre-order if they believed in the project. Looking back at it now, I know it was a stretch to attempt to sell a mouse that had no finalized shape, specs, or weight. At the end of the day, Shape is King,” he said.

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TenZ also announced that he will be freezing future pre-orders for the time being and will reach out to fans who have already committed money to the product to offer refunds. He also reassured fans that it wasn’t his intention to scam or defraud his audience.

“I also want people to know that I did not do this for a quick cash grab. If you know me, I genuinely love gaming peripherals (mice in particular) and so this is something I’m very passionate about and have always dreamed about doing. I am still super excited about the future of this project since this is the first time I will have full creative freedom over everything regarding the mouse,” he said.

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TenZ ended his apology by revealing a “super early” prototype of the mouse’s shape so fans will now have an idea of what they are purchasing.

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