TenZ’s Finalmouse collab made over $7m in sales in one day

TenZ posing with a FinalmouseFinalmouse

TenZ’s collaboration with gaming mouse manufacturer Finalmouse sold out in hours, generating over $7.6 million dollars of revenue, with a cut of that going directly to TenZ himself.

Finalmouse, known for their high-end gaming mice recently collaborated with Valorant Pro Tyson “TenZ” Ngo for a brand-new release, the Starlight Pro – TenZ, which dropped on the Finalmouse website on July 17.

Just 40,000 units were available, and the collaboration sold out in a matter of hours. With all 40,000 units sold at $189.99 per unit. This is reportedly the “Biggest sale for an active esports player ever” according to a press release from Prodigy Agency, which represents TenZ.

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We don’t know exactly how much money TenZ will directly make from these sales, however, he is receiving a share of the profit. The gross sales of the drop totaled a staggering $7,599,600.

Jérôme Coupez, founder and CEO of Prodigy Agency stated in a press release:

“When I first started to think about this idea, I really did envision it to be something similar to the Michael Jordan x Nike original deal – with the goal of creating something unique for esports players and paving the way for the future by proving that esports players can actually sell products… and a lot!”

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Since TenZ already used a Finalmouse in his gaming setup, this seemed like a no-brainer collaboration that’s seemingly borne fruitful results. Finalmouse makes high-spec gaming mice which have been known to sell out in a matter of hours, and the Starlight Pro – TenZ drop was no different.

Expect more “Hype” from content creators

TenZ Starlight ProFinalmouse
The mouse is certainly a looker, but will it be as iconic as the Air Jordan 1?

The comparison between Nike and Jordan is interesting. Finalmouse is a brand, much like Higround, seeking to tap into pieces of “Hype” culture, which is becoming ever-more prevalent in tech culture. Razer is even about to drop an entire line of apparel and peripherals with high-fashion brand BAPE.

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So, the time is right, the seeds have been sown, and now TenZ and Finalmouse are reaping the rewards. There is genuine room for development with this drop, as more professional players seek out brands to drop unique products of their own.

Whether or not the Starlight Pro – TenZ by Finalmouse becomes as iconic as the Air Jordan 1 still remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, expect more hype collaborations as professional esports players begin to knock on the doors of high-end brands.

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