Tarik slams “over-edited” Valorant TikTok video trend

Carver Fisher
Tarik slams valorant over edited tiktoks

Valorant edits have become massive on TikTok as creators put their editing skills to the test in making the best edits they can, but Tarik argued that videos like these can be “over-edited” and that he can’t tell what’s happening.

With Valorant being one of the biggest recent successes when it comes to competitive multiplayer games, it’s no surprise that it’s been a hit on TikTok.

Edits and clips of the very best Valorant plays are incredibly popular on the platform, and editors have been upping the ante to make themselves stand out from the rest.

However, after watching a Valorant edit on his stream, Tarik wasn’t exactly convinced. He said in jest to the editor, “I will pay you money to never edit again, just tell me what you want. I just wanna make sure you never edit again.”

Tarik left confused after watching Valorant TikTok edits

There are few things in competitive gaming that are more hype than clutching out a round in Valorant. Having the skill and knowledge required to win a round when the chips are down is something that should be celebrated.

Thus, people put a lot of time and energy into commemorating and showing off their best moments and biggest players. Perhaps a bit too much time and energy.

Tarik, one of Valorant’s biggest streamers, wasn’t impressed after watching a Valorant edit on stream, with the editor, nline, recording Tarik’s reaction in the moment and posting it to TikTok.

After joking about paying him to never edit again, Tarik explained his issue with the edit: “Jokes aside, I don’t know what the f*** I just saw.

“It’s just over-edited. Like, you overcooked. No joke, not even overcooked, bro you burnt the food. Not to a crisp, but you burnt the food to non-existence dude.”

Tarik urged his chat to be nice to the editor of the video since he was watching live, but he also wasn’t a fan of this editing style. And that style has been taking over TikTok.

There are a number of creators putting their editing skills to the test with Valorant clips, but with people like Tarik bouncing off of the editing style, it’s hard not to wonder whether the beauty of the play itself is lost in the edit.

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