tarik confirms Riot won’t shut down Valorant Pro City

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik has said that Riot Games has no plans to pull the plug on his Valorant Pro City hub and that the initiative might even offer prize money in the future.

The Sentinels streamer and content creator set up his private hub for high-level North American players, with built-in MMR and leaderboards, in response to growing concerns about the state of Valorant ranked games, where the rise of crypto throwers has become a hot topic in the scene.

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With almost 150 players already, Pro City has only grown in popularity since its creation, although some players have shown some reservations about the admission criteria and suggested that a lower tier should be implemented.

After admitting that he wasn’t sure about Riot Games’ stance on Pro City, tarik has now revealed that the developer is not against the initiative. Moreover, Riot is open to the idea of the best players being rewarded with prizes.

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“I spoke with Riot and they don’t have a plan of taking us down,” tarik told viewers during a recent live stream. “They’re also open to us potentially introducing prizing.”

The addition of prize money would offer an extra incentive to players competing in Pro City. As January came to an end, The Guard star Michael ‘neT’ Bernet was the highest-ranked player with an MMR of 1447, followed by Quan ‘dicey’ Tran of FaZe Clan with 1387.

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tarik added that, despite complaints from some players, Pro City is already “exponentially better than ranked” and that it will “hopefully” continue to improve.