What is Valorant Pro City? tarik’s 10-man server explained

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Sentinels streamer and content creator Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik has put together a Valorant server for 10-man matches called Pro City. Here is everything you need to know about this exclusive lobby for NA’s best players.

In the last few days, Valorant fans may have noticed a difference in gameplay from their favorite pros’ live streams. Instead of queueing into ranked matches, these players are being matched up against each other in custom games after gathering on an exclusive hub named Pro City.

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The server has exploded in popularity as pros and other high-level players seek better practice options than the Valorant ranked server, which can be filled with players that have motives other than to improve their rank.

Here is everything you need to know about Pro City.

Why was Valorant Pro City created?

tarik at Valorant champions repping SentinelsColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Pro City was created by tarik as an alternative to ranked play

Pro City was created by tarik as an alternative to Valorant ranked play for pros and other high-level players after matches on the ranked ladder started being filled with players who bet on the outcome of games and attempt to influence results for their personal gain.

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Some players were also tired of the ranked experience, with anonymous accounts not communicating or not putting in the same level of commitment towards winning matches. With Pro City, members can hold other members accountable for their actions in-game since everyone on the server has to be invited.

Who plays in Valorant Pro City?

Pro City consists of high-level players, most of whom are either playing professionally or have been at the top of the ranked ladder.

Players do have to be invited, and conversations around who should be included and who should be excluded have already started to crop up. Some players think Pro City should be split into two different tiers and that the top tier should consist only of players from the best teams from VCT Americas, Challengers and Game Changers, as well as players who have competed at the highest level in the region even if they are currently free agents.

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tarik, however, has rejected that possibility, saying that Pro City also offers lesser-known players the opportunity to improve by competing against the best.

For now, players are invited to Pro City via members of the Pro City council.

Who sits on the Valorant Pro City council?

The Pro City council is currently anonymous. The seven-person panel oversees the addition and removal of players from the Valorant server. The group is made up of established pro players, who are anonymous to the community and each other for confidentiality reasons.

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How can I watch Valorant Pro City games?

Every day, players are streaming Pro City games on Twitch, so keep an eye on Twitch’s Valorant section to find out when you can watch one of these matches. tarik usually streams his games on Twitch.

How can I check the Valorant Pro City leaderboard?

Since the launch of Pro City, players have been competing to climb the server’s own ranked ladder. As of February 8, the top five in this month’s leaderboard look as follows:

  1. Cryo – 1296
  2. c4Lypso – 1245
  3. Paincakes – 1173
  4. koalanoob – 1150
  5. tdawwg – 1129

You can check out the rest of the leaderboard here.

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Former Akrew player Jake ‘Paincakes’ Hass currently has the most victories with 32, while Metro Esports player Travis ‘tdawgg’ Regan has recorded the most losses with 24.

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