T1 vs. FURIA match at VCT LOCK//IN delayed due to Killjoy exploit

Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

The VCT LOCK//IN broadcast was paused during the match between T1 and FURIA due to the Brazilian team using an illegal Killjoy molly exploit. T1 was awarded a round to compensate and FURIA went on to win 2-0.

The VCT LOCK//IN match between T1 and FURIA Esports was delayed for a short time after the referees of the match noticed the Brazilian side used an illegal exploit to gain an advantage on Icebox. T1 was awarded a round win to compensate.

Teams are given a list of bugs and exploits that are illegal to use in domestic and international events.

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FURIA used one of the bugs listed, an illegal molly placement by Killjoy on Icebox, and was penalized as a result.

VCT LOCK//IN match was paused to reset after an exploit was used

The match was paused after the round due to the exploit. The Riot Games tournament officials then needed to reset the match to give T1 a round win, and also to reset both teams’ economies. FURIA Esports was up 1-0 in the series before taking on T1 on Icebox. They eventually won the series 2-0.

The match between the two continued after shortly after the pause was called.

This is not the first instance an illegal exploit has been used on the international stage.

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Brazilian team Vivo Keyd used an illegal Cypher Cam placement at Valorant Champions 2021 and were forced to replay the entire map the next day. Vivo went on to lose the replay against eventual tournament winner Acend.

A bug was also addressed retroactively at Valorant Champions 2022 that also caused a round replay. VCT LOCK//IN will continue after the T1 vs. FURIA match on February 24 with the second round of the

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