Sentinels reportedly in talks to replace TenZ with aspas for VCT Americas 2024

Carver Fisher
TenZ VCT Sentinels

Sentinels is one of the most popular organizations in Valorant esports, though their first year in VCT Americas was disappointing. The team is reportedly looking to sign aspas as a potential replacement for TenZ, though nothing is set in stone just yet.

When Sentinels won Valorant Masters 2021 in Reykjavík, they put themselves on the map as the most powerful organization in America. But a lot has changed since then.

Other than Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo, the entire team has essentially dissolved with new members walking in. The once-iconic Sentinels roster is nothing but a memory at this point, with the team failing to recapture the success they had in Valorant’s early days.

Nonetheless, they’ve put a great deal of effort into fielding the absolute best Valorant roster out there. Reports indicate their sights are set on Erick ‘aspas’ Santos, one of the best duelist players in the world, and he’s potentially joining the team in place of TenZ.

aspas may be replacing TenZ on Sentinels in 2024

TenZ is recognized as one of the best Valorant players in the world for a reason. Despite various hardships he’s had to deal with in his personal life as well as an infection that forced him out of pro play for a little bit, he still has his identity as one of the most feared entry fraggers in pro Valorant.

However, he hasn’t been able to capture the magic he had from his earlier days with the team, and he’s been a bit hit-or-miss in Sentinels’ most recent games.

This, combined with reports that aspas may be joining Sentinels for the next competitive year in Valorant, may mean the end of TenZ time with Sentinels and, ultimately, the final member of that iconic roster leaving the team. With the recent reports of LOUD drama in mind, it certainly makes sense for aspas to try and find a new home.

Slasher claimed that aspas wanted a raise along with a contract renewal, something LOUD denied him according to Slasher’s account. If this is true, it only adds more reasons for aspas to move to another team.

Slasher then claimed that Sentinels were very interested in signing the player while denouncing rumors that NRG was looking to do the same.

“I have heard [Sentinels] have potentially offered aspas a major contract going forward, and they are definitely interested in that for next year. The NRG report is not true.” claimed Slasher.

Additionally, he thinks that TenZ would be off of Sentinels in the case that aspas joined the team. Considering that aspas is known for being a duelist player, it’s not exactly a stretch.

“I think there’s a 90-95% chance that TenZ is no longer going to be on Sentinels next year.” Slasher went on to explain his reasoning. “Either from the organizational standpoint that they no longer want TenZ, or from TenZ’s standpoint that he would rather leave and become a full-time content creator or streamer, even try to find options with other teams. And that would leave open a prime duelist position for someone like aspas to potentially team up with sacy and pANcada next year.”

All of this said, aspas has also gone on the record saying that LOUD is “focused 100%” on winning Champions and that he’s denied any involvement with other teams. With so many contracts expiring at once, it’s no surprise that there’s a great deal of speculation around who’s going to end up where.

It remains to be seen what the biggest VCT teams will look like following this hectic off-season.