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Riot Games reveal changes coming to Valorant’s Spike Rush mode

Published: 21/Jun/2020 10:35

by Andy Williams


Valorant’s newest gamemode, Spike Rush, will be getting a little refresh as Riot Games looks to tweak both the Deception and Crippling Decay Orbs.

Plenty are eager to see what’s inside Valorant’s Patch 1.02, with a competitive playlist supposedly being added as part of the update. But what about Future Earth’s more casual gamemode?

Spike Rush has been growing in popularity since its release at launch. Following Patch 1.01, three new Orbs were introduced into the pool for selection. Now it looks like Riot are looking to make more changes to the gamemode.

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Player defusing Spike on Ascent.
Riot Games
Spike Rush offers a faster pace alternative to the traditional Unrated alternative.

Deception Orb (Paranoia) change

The Deception Orb is a tricky one. Since opponents become nearsighted and their map is temporarily scrambled, it can leave an enemy team completely helpless if used at the perfect time.


This has caused plenty of players to call for its removal, given the overbearing nature of having to essentially ‘camp’ your way through until its effects wear off.

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Since this is one of the three orbs introduced as part of Riot’s previous patch, the dev team will have no doubt been keeping a close eye on how it performs.

And, of course, a member of the team was on-hand to explain that Paranoia will be tweaked in an upcoming patch.

“Got some changes to both Paranoia and Decay coming soon. Should both be much less oppressive than they are currently.” Just how it will be made “less oppressive” is yet to be revealed.


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Crippling Decay Orb being nerfed?

As it stands, capturing the Crippling Decay Orb reduces enemy health by 90% for 7.5 seconds — essentially forcing players to stop in their tracks or retreat to avoid being an easy target.

The disruption that this causes has led to some players calling for its removal. In response, Riot pledged to “find that nice middle ground” between the benefits it provides for capturing, while still giving Defenders a “fighting chance.”

While both Orbs are set to receive an overhaul, there’s no specific date for when they could be introduced. Of course, Patch 1.02 is most likely, but there’s no guarantee that the changes mentioned above will be pushed live in time.