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Valorant devs reveal how Radianite Points will be used in the future

Published: 20/Jun/2020 23:08

by Alan Bernal


Radianite Points (RP) in Valorant are going to get more uses as the game develops, giving players different ways to cash in the “evolving currency” for Riot Games’ tactical shooter.

The studio behind Valorant answered hot-button community questions in a June 20 ‘Ask Valorant’ post in which they addressed concerns on the topic of Points and its omission on the list of rewards from the Battle Pass.

In their explanation, they outlined why Radianite Points are the most featured currency currently in the pass, and how it will expand to other offerings in the game that could bump up its allure to players.


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As it is, it takes 75 RP to fully upgrade the Sovereign Guardian from its base skin to the Level 7 Purple variant that players can buy into. The Episode 1 Ignition Battle Pass rewards people with a total of 130 RP.

Stocking up on RP is a long term investment in Riot’s eye, and one that will pay off with the chance to upgrade more items in people’s collections than it does right now.

Riot Games
The Sovereign Guardian takes 75 RP to max out its seven levels.

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“Our plan is to have Radianite Points become the evolving currency of VALORANT,” Riot Revenue Lead, Joe Lee explained. “So as we develop new features, we hope you’ll be able to use it to buy more Gun Buddies, upgrade Player Cards and Sprays in addition to what is currently just weapon skins.”


There’s already an indication of these future upgrades, at least on the surface. There are sprays in the game that feature fun and creative art to stick around the map. But there are other types of sprays that have an animated component to them, making them just that much more engaging.

Further, Lee said there will be ways to use RP for leveling up content directly unlocked from the Battle Pass, which should give players a streamlined way of extending their $10 base buy-in.

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Riot Games
Players can use Valorant Points to purchase Radianite Points.

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It’s unclear what Riot has planned as far as these upgrades go, but there are some free unlockable items that already stand above the rest in terms of presentation.


There are still plenty of adaptations that the Valorant community want the devs to make in terms of the RP and Valorant Points distribution, but the studio is hoping that future updates will bring more value to both structures soon.