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Riot Games announce Valorant: Agents of Romance on April Fool’s Day

Published: 1/Apr/2021 8:21

by Lauren Bergin


If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with Riot Games’ iconic Valorant Agents, you’re in luck! On April Fools, Riot has announced a spinoff: Valorant: Agents of Romance, which supposedly lets you develop a relationship with some of the game’s most popular characters.

Riot Games have created some of gaming’s most iconic characters. From K/DA, League of Legends’ K-Pop poster child, to Valorant’s Jett and Phoenix, they’re full of creative legends and heroes.

However, their newest release is quite unlike anything we’ve seen before. Drawing on the success of the popular League of Legends: Spirit Blossom event that appeared last year, Valorant’s devs have created a dating simulator for us to get to know our favorite Agents.


Ever fancied (pun intended) taking Jett on a date? Or uncovering some of Cypher’s mysteries? Agents of Romance lets you do just that.

Valorant: Agents of Romance announced

Valorant: Agents of Romance
Riot Games
Every girl loves a mystery man, so Cypher is the perfect candidate for this game.

Using the game’s anime skin line images as a base, Agents of Romance allows players to “take on the role of a new recruit as they train to be a Valorant Agent.”

“As players experience the rough and tumble life of an Agent in Training, they’ll build meaningful relationships with each of Valorant’s Agents: collecting items, going on dates, and maybe even saving the world in the process.”

Valorant’s Executive Producer Anna Donlon recalls, “we’ve been looking into ways to expand and explore the Valorant universe, even prior to launch, and when we landed on a dating sim, it just made sense.”


Narrative Director for both Valorant and its new installment, Joe Killeen writes, “our Agents are living, breathing individuals that are as expressive as our players. Agents of Romance allows us to put those inner emotions and human connections front and center, and we can explore who these individuals are when the uniform is off and the guns are stored away.”

Valorant: Agents of Romance: Release Date

Valorant Agents of Romance
Riot Games
Can you tame the beast?

The April 1 press release has very little information about the game’s release date – but the announcement date might explain that.

Does a Valorant dating sim send a shiver down your spine? Who would you pick? We’re going for Killjoy.