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Riot finally respond to Valorant’s game-breaking HUD glitch

Published: 26/Jun/2020 12:37

by Connor Bennett


A Riot Games dev has finally responded to the game-breaking glitches with Valorant’s HUD – noting that they’ve changed their logging system for new problems and it’s proving pretty tricky to fix. 

After weeks of being in beta, Riot Games finally launched Valorant to the world on June 2, giving players the chance to experience their first foray into the first-person shooter market.

Since then, the developers have released a number of different updates – including the highly anticipated competitive mode. Though, there have been a few problems. Players have registered issues with frame rate, freezing, as well as error codes 7 and 29.


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Riot Games
Valorant players have had bugs where their whole HUD disappears.

Riot have been able to address a few of these issues with fixes, but a few still remain – most notably, the HUD. Some players have noted that there are games where the heads up display completely disappears.

This means that players have no information about how many bullets they have left,how far charged their abilities are, or even where their teammates are on the map. Riot have been trying to work on a fix since the game exited beta and have finally addressed it.

Riot Games dev Kevin O’Brien, who also goes by the name Koalifier on social media, said players have to look into their Valorant logs in their game folder and pass on what appears when it’s bugged.


“You can dm me a link to the logs, and upload them somewhere like pastebin/Google Drive,” the dev said. “We added some new logging this patch that will help us track down the issue, so if it happens to you, grab that log and send it my way!”

Of course, that isn’t a solution for the problem as a whole, but it appears as if the developers are getting closer to getting it rectified.

When a proper fix will be in place, however, very much remains to be seen, but be sure to keep up with Dexerto and ValorantUpdates for all the latest updates.