Riot expected to ban Turkish Valorant pros amid money laundering scandal

The Twitch leak that revealed streamers’ revenue has allegedly caught out Turkish Valorant pros in a money-laundering scandal, and Riot is planning to take action.

In early October, a huge Twitch leak revealed the exact revenue that streamers were making surfaced. Many noticed that smaller Turkish streamers were making a very suspicious of money, specifically from Twitch’s bit donations.

The small streamers were suspected of being involved with a scam. Several were allegedly approached with a “business deal” that involved receiving an influx of donations through Twitch, donated by stolen credit cards and Twitch accounts, and in return, they would reportedly be required to send 50-70% of their revenue back to them.

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Various high-level Turkish Valorant pros and streamers are assumed to be involved, and upon hearing the news, Riot Turkey is expected to issue bans to the players.

As reported by FFrmTR, the names below are among those accused of being involved with the money-laundering scam, and are expected to be banned by Riot Turkey:

  • Dilâra Toprakci – Player for BBL esports
  • Kaan ‘brasco’ Elver – Player for Fire Flux Esports
  • Ekrem ‘logicman’ Aydın – Captain for BBL esports
  • Semih ‘LEGOO’ Selvi – Captain for BBL esports
  • lurzy0y0 – Player for Fire Flux Esports
  • Orçun ‘farewell’ Köroğlu – Player for Unity Esports
  • Yiğithan ‘DeepMans’ Kesici – Streamer
  • Ibrahiim ‘cinar’ Cinar – Streamer
  • Tolga ‘bacyx’ Bacak – Player for Digital Athletics
  • Gökay ‘tecoNe’ Noğayer – Player for Beşiktaş Esports
  • Uğur ‘Kuzuur’ Kiremitçi- Player for Digital Athletics
  • Ertuğrul ”TheCady” Koç – Streamer
  • Yusuf ‘Zz_yankas’ Yankaş -Streamer for Team Zero Zone

Some have admitted their involvement, but claim they were unaware of illegality. Farewell explained on Twitter in a translated post: “I saw it as income for 2-3 months, then when I learned the truth, I left it straight away. I haven’t been doing such a thing for 6 months

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LEGOO from BBL esports also released a TwitLonger, explaining that a friend got him involved with a very good job, but was unaware of what was truly going on. “There are hundreds of people like me who have no knowledge about stolen card issues, who do not know about such things, and who go in with the advice of friends in this way.”

Currently, there has been no official word from Riot on the matter, but we should expect bans to be issued to the involved players.