Valorant Agent 17 delayed: Riot announce change to Act 3 plans

Shay Robson
Valorant Agent 17 teaserRiot Games

Valorant’s next Agent, suspected to be named ‘Deadeye’, has been delayed for two weeks, as devs reveal they can’t meet quality expectations in time for the Episode 3, Act 3 update.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen a release of a new Valorant agent. With the last release being KAY/O with Episode 3 Act 1 in June, players are eagerly awaiting the release of Agent 17.

However, a Riot announcement has revealed that the next Valorant agent has been delayed for two more weeks beyond the initial planned release date.

leaked agent deadeye

Riot’s announcement revealed that the devs have made the decision to delay the release of the agent to ensure quality is of a standard that players would be happy with.

“As development progressed on the new Agent, it was clear to us that they were not at the quality bar you’ve come to expect from us. It’s why we’ve opted to hold the Agent for an additional two weeks, while we work on polishing up those final aspects,” the devs revealed.

“Our concern is that gameplay clarity, such as visual cues of what the Agent is doing, was not quite there yet.”

Originally expected on November 2 with the release of Act 3, Agent 17 will now instead release a patch later with 3.10 on November 16.

Although this delay is a huge blow to the players that desperately want new Valorant content, it isn’t all bad news. We should still expect a slew of new changes with the Episode 3 Act 3 patch, which will of course arrive with a whole new battle pass.