Riot wants to “push the boundaries” with Valorant Agents in Episode 2

Cypher, Brimstone, and Sage in ValorantRiot Games

The 13 Agents released in Valorant so far have all filled pretty broad roles in the game. However, as more Agents are released and the scope of new designs slims, Riot aren’t going to be afraid to “push the boundaries,” and they’re going to start doing that in Episode 2.

With only 13 Agents to select from in Valorant, the variation is pretty slim compared to games like Overwatch with around 40 heroes, or even League of Legends with over 150 champions.

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It’s also something you have to consider when designing a team. There’s only a select few Agents with smokes and flashes, and you need that utility. It really slims down playstyles, but at the same time helps keep the game balanced.

Agent 14 silhouette in ValorantRiot Games
Valorant’s next Agent is set to “push the boundaries” as a duelist.

However, Riot aren’t content with what they’ve currently got. They’ve pointed out previously they want to eventually release 50-60 Agents. That would cover a diverse number of roles, but it would require some innovation.

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Riot aren’t afraid to push the boundaries though ⁠— and much like what the infamous CertainlyT did to League of Legends, Valorant’s Agent designers are looking to break the mold.

“From the start our goal with Agents is that they have a unique spot within the roster. Whenever a new Agent drops it keeps the game feeling fresh, making you rethink all of your current tactics, and form new ones that build on all the skills you have learned so far,” character producer John Goscicki told players in a December 16 blog post.

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“Now that the basics are in place, we are going to take more risks with what each Agent introduces to the game, pushing some boundaries, and evolving what is possible in an ability based tac shooter.”

While he didn’t elaborate on what exactly Riot are planning in detail, he did release a tidbit about Agent 14 ⁠— Valorant’s next release, coming with Episode 2 Act 1.

“The year will tear open with a Duelist for all you “lurkers” out there, who will keep you on your toes around which angles are truly safe,” he added.

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From there, Riot wants to expand on the Controller and Initiator classes to “encourage people to play with their teammates as much as possible.”

“We believe that giving our Initiator and Controller roles a bit more team-focused power will help achieve that end. Even before the game launched we were feeling that there were some gaps within the abilities Agents provided,” Goscicki said.

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