Riot details Valorant’s Competitive changes coming in Act 3 & beyond

Tanner Pierce

Riot Games have announced some brand new changes and options coming to their competitive/ranked modes in Valorant and it seems like they’re all going to be popular additions.

Ever since launch, Riot Games seems to be dedicated to changing up Valorant in every way they seem fit, especially with the game’s competitive settings. For example, when Act II started, the developers changed up how the ranked system worked by introducing “Act Ranks”, which were determined by your past nine wins.

Now that Act III is just around the corner, with the new season releasing on October 13, it’s only fitting that the developers would announce some new features coming to the game’s ranked/competitive modes.

Riot has announced some major changes to competitive/ranked play in Valorant Act III, including the inclusion of server choice.

On October 5, 2020, Riot Games announced two major changes coming in Act III during a video update released on the game’s official YouTube channel.

The first is that it is reducing the ranks that you have the possibility of matchmaking with. Currently, you can queue up with players that are six ranks higher and six ranks lower than your current rank. After this update, however, the developers are reducing both of those numbers to three, restricting the pool of players.

This means that players of similar skill levels will be more likely to matchmake with each other, at least in competitive/ranked modes.

The second major change coming to these modes is the ability to choose the server you want to join. The developers did clarify in the video that it won’t “guarantee” that you’ll join the exact server that you wanted, but it does increase the chance.

Finally, the developers also revealed that they are working on a public, region-based leaderboard for competitive play. Although there’s currently no date for the feature, Riot did confirm that it wouldn’t be coming until at least the start of Episode II of the game’s lifecycle, which is currently on track for launch next year.