Valorant 1.09 leaks reveal new details about unreleased Agents & mobile

Riot Games

The Valorant 1.09 patch update introduced new information in the game’s backend files for dataminers to sift through, leading to new information on an Agent codenamed ‘Stealth,’ as well as more details on a mobile version.

There was also an updated audio file for another Agent called ‘Necro,’ although indications for that character haven’t been seen since Reyna was released in Valorant. In either case, there are assets that show some of the progress Riot could be making on Agent 13.

When it comes to these kinds of files, dataminers only have obscure images and sounds to work off of. This can sometimes make the names of the files more pertinent than what’s actually found in a given game’s backend.

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Dataminer ‘Mang0eleaks’ rummaged through the Valorant 1.09 patch to see what the files contained, and it’s showing steady progress for possible Agents and a Mobile addition to go with the tactical shooter.

via Mang0eLeaks
Textures that were linked to ‘Stealth’ and its abilities.

Agent codenamed ‘Stealth’

Files for a proposed Agent named ‘Stealth’ are currently being worked on, according to the leaks. This time, there’s only some images of different textures and mentions of ‘Invisibility’ in other files to clue us in about the new character, but nothing more than that.

“Based on the files, this agent has been in development since Alpha. Only materials and textures have been added for this agent,” Mang0eleaks said.

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via Mang0eLeaks
A ‘geo tear’ effect that’s linked to a Valorant character named Stealth.

They noted that some of the leaks are labeled with ‘Radianite,’ the as-of-yet detailed material in Riot’s lore that likely has something to do with how Valorant Agents get their abilities.

The dataminer found a ‘geometrical mesh’ that they think could be a ‘Tunnel’ ability for Stealth, although nothing is certain just yet.

Valorant on Mobile?

Along with the leaks, there were new strings of information that had to do with a mobile companion.

It’s unclear what kind of app Riot would have in mind, but the files suggest simple commands are being worked on.

For example, the phrases “action to perform when double tapping on left hand side of screen” and “BaseProfileName” along with “iPhoneXS Device Profile” could range from the beginning of a mobile Valorant port to a simple companion app like Riot has with League of Legends.

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The studio has long-term plans for Valorant, so keep it locked on @Dexerto and our Valorant feed for more information as it comes out.