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Secret Reyna nerf discovered in Valorant after Patch 1.03

Published: 12/Jul/2020 13:17 Updated: 12/Jul/2020 13:19

by Andy Williams


Riot Games appears to have nerfed Reyna during Valorant’s Patch 1.03, while keeping it on the down-low, and players aren’t best pleased with the secret change.

It’s no secret that Reyna is one of the most lethal Duelists in the game. Her ‘high risk, high reward’ mantra is reflected in her abilities, which can prove devastating when in the right hands.


A big part of Reyna’s ability to dominate, is her consumption of Soul Orbs. The Mexican Duelist can either choose to ‘overheal’ herself to an effective 150 HP (Devour) after taking damage, or can become intangible (Dismiss) — allowing her to escape the most hazardous situations unscathed).

And it is her ability to consume Soul Orbs which has supposedly been secretly nerfed in Patch 1.03, according to some eagle-eyed players.

Reyna consuming Soul Orb in Valorant.
Riot Games
Reyna can only use opponents’ Soul Orbs in the wake of their death.

Prior to the July 7 update, Reyna could latch onto Soul Orbs and then look away — meaning that she could look at an entirely different area of the map, while still reaping the benefits of the Orb.

Yet, according to some attentive players, this is no longer a possibility. “Reyna can no longer cast Devour of Dismiss on a Soul Orb, unless the Orb is on her screen,” one Redditor explained.

“Previously she could cast either if she had line of sight on the Orb — whether on-screen or not. Similarly, if Reyna casts Devour, she will only heal while the Soul Orb is on her screen.”

Reyna deploying Leer in Valorant.
Riot Games
Reyna’s Leer is arguably the ability that could do with a nerf.

While there’s no doubt that Reyna probably needed a nerf, it is the fact that the change was introduced without mention in the patch notes, that has grinded players’ gears.

“I totally was thinking that I was losing it last night. But yeah, this change was weird… Like if it’s nerfed, that’s fine, just give us a heads up,” one player responded.

While it currently remains to be seen whether Riot intentionally nerfed the Duelist during the latest update or whether it simply flew under the radar, it looks like Reyna mains will have to adapt to the new meta regardless.


Valorant First Strike Europe qualifiers: Schedule, eligibility, format

Published: 7/Oct/2020 17:06

by Jacob Hale


Valorant developers Riot Games have announced First Strike: Europe, the first-ever Valorant tournament wholly produced by Riot, set to kick off in November with some of the region’s best talent.

Since Valorant launched in June, it has become one of the most exciting games in esports, with players from all different titles migrating to Riot’s first-ever FPS. Some of the biggest competitors from the likes of Overwatch, CSGO and more are looking to make a name for themselves in the new shooter.


As a result, we’ve already seen some incredible talent, tense moments and top performances in a competitive setting, but now it’s becoming a little more official with the announcement of this highly-anticipated tournament.

So, with First Strike: Europe around the corner, here’s everything you need to know to tune in to the tournament, and even get involved yourself.

Valorant First Strike art
Riot Games
First Strike is the first Valorant tournament organized entirely by developer Riot Games.

Valorant First Strike: Europe schedule

Open qualifiers for First Strike take place from November 9-22, giving teams around two weeks to stave off the best competition in the region and qualify for the main event.

The schedule for Open Qualifiers will be as follows:

  • Week 1
    • November 9-10: Qualifier A
    • November 11-12: Qualifier B
    • November 13: Play-In #1
    • November 14-15: Playoffs
  • Week 2
    • November 16-17: Qualifier C
    • November 18-19: Qualifier D
    • November 20: Play-In #2
    • November 21-22: Playoffs
Valorant First Strike: Europe qualifiers schedule
Riot Games
Valorant First Strike: Europe qualifiers schedule.

After qualifiers have concluded, the main stage will be held from December 3-6. Here are the dates for each part of the main event:

  • December 3-4: Quarterfinals
  • December 5: Semifinals
  • December 6: Final
Valorant First Strike: Europe main event schedule
Riot Games
Valorant First Strike: Europe main event schedule.

Eligibility for Valorant First Strike: Europe

As the name suggests, the Open Qualifiers for the tournament are open to (almost) anybody. You don’t have to be a pro player to sign up, but you have to be over the age of 16 and you will need to reach the rank of Immortal 1 by the time you register.

Riot haven’t specified how people can apply and register for the tournament yet, but advise in their announcement that full rules for the event and how to apply will be available in the coming weeks — and we’ll be sure to update this page as soon as we know.

Valorant First Strike: Europe tournament format

Valorant Icebox act 3 new map
Riot Games
Will we see much of new Act III map Icebox in the First Strike tournament?

The tournament format is fairly simple to follow throughout, from the qualifiers right up to the main event. Here’s how the single-elimination tournament works:

  • Qualifiers and Play-Ins: Best of 1
  • Playoffs: Best of 3
  • Quarterfinals and semifinals: Best of 3
  • Finals: Best of 5

With best of 1s in qualifiers and play-ins we might see some upsets, but finishing the tournament on a best of 5 means we really will see the two best teams in Europe fight it out and showcase their talent across all maps, proving how much they’ve mastered the game so far.

With G2 Esports undoubtedly the strongest team in the region since competition started, the main question now is whether they can prove it in Valorant’s biggest tournament yet.