Riot devs tease League x Valorant character skins after fan concept art

Daniel Cleary
Valorant's Jett and League of Legends Akali

Developers at Riot Games have teased a crossover between League of Legends and Valorant character skins following some incredible concept artwork by Carmen ‘Wandakun’ Carabello.

When Riot announced they would be releasing more titles during their League10 Anniversary stream, Project A, now known as Valorant, was among one the most-anticipated releases.

Following its official launch on June 2, the tactical shooter is seemingly matching up to its expectations, with tons of top personalities from other titles such as Mixwell even making the switch to master Riot’s new release.

Viper hiding behind cover in Valorant
Valorant features Agents with unique abilities and playstyles.

Valorant’s unique characters have inspired plenty of creative fans to recreate the Agents through their art, however, Wandakun decided to put a unique twist on her illustrations, combining both of Riot’s hit titles together.

The artist revealed that she had matched some of the most popular Champions and Agents together and combined them to create some incredibly detailed character skin concepts for League of Legends.

For one of the skins, she decided to design a create a new look for The Boy Who Shattered Time, Ekko, inspired by Phoenix from Valorant, which received massive support from fans of both titles.

However, it was her Jett x Akali concept, which featured arguably the most popular character from each of the titles, that caught the attention of Riot developers.

The ‘Radiant Akali’ design, also received a ton of love from the community and even prompted Valorant game director Joe Ziegler to reach out to his League of Legends counterpart.

“Damn, that’s pretty legit.” the LoL director responded, hyping up the idea of potential skin lines inspired by the other game, “We should see what we can figure out.”

Wandakun also crafted up some impressive custom emotes of the characters, similar to the ones that are currently available in League of Legends.

While it is unclear whether any of these skins or similar ones will be added to in the future, Riot fans have started to come up with their own combinations of Valorant and League characters to see who best fits.