Valorant players shocked by Reyna’s “broken” jumping buff

Shane Black
Renya in Viper smoke in Valorant

Valorant’s Reyna character has provided a new source of frustration among Valorant players, as a clip on social media shows some incredible jumps she’s capable of performing after a recent update.

Already a controversial character in the game, a recent buff to a few of Reyna’s abilities has now made the Duelist an even hotter topic of debate.

This has culminated with the community’s complete shock at how Reyna is able to pull off some unbelievable traversal maneuvers in Valorant.

A clip shared by Valorant Updates on Twitter/X showcases Reyna jumping off the edge of a map, only to curve her jump around a pillar and land on the other side. The shocking move quickly drew the ire of players.

It’s a maneuver that, in the right situation, could prove a game-changer; however, opponents may find it incredibly frustrating.

Valorant players can’t believe this is even possible, with one user responding to the post by saying, “This looks so broken.”

Another player shares a previous sentiment they’d expressed: “Duelists get to be literal gods but if you’re a Viper main, don’t you dare…”

Some want Valorant developers to immediately issue a hotfix that would remove Reyna’s ability to pull this kind of movement off.

It doesn’t help that a contingent of players were already calling for Reyna to be removed from the game. These fans felt the character was too independent, meaning anyone using her would not be focused on team play.

Now, with this incredible jumping ability, it looks like that frustration will rage on for a while longer within the Valorant community.

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