Pokimane reveals how Valorant addiction fueled her climb to Immortal rank

pokimane valorantPokimane/Riot Games

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys went into detail about why she wanted to grind to Immortal rank in Valorant, and how she became so addicted to the game.

Its no secret that Pokimane loves playing Valorant, as the FPS is by far her most-streamed game on Twitch since its release in June 2020. She also happens to be incredibly good at it, having achieved the highest rank in the game, Immortal – a rank achieved only by 1% of all players.

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Poki went into detail about her love and addiction to the game on the October 21 podcast episode of LOVE & DRAMA, hosted by her streaming network OfflineTV.

Pokimane’s current addiction is playing and streaming Valorant.

Pokimane on her Valorant addiction

Fellow Twitch streamer Disguised Toast co-hosted the podcast, and asked Poki about why she loves Valorant so much, and how she managed to achieve Immortal rank.

“I think, for starters, I really like the game, so that’s step one,” she said. “I’ve had numerous addictions in my past; League of Legends, Fortnite, and now Valorant, and when I really care about something, I want to be as good as I feel I can reasonably be – especially this being my first FPS.”

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Hitting the highest rank without any prior history of playing the FPS genre is no small feat, and she detailed exactly how she improved so rapidly.

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“I liked that I could just look up so many videos and find a very clear-cut way in order to get better,” she said. “You just aim train a ton. You play the game a ton. You learn the game, and I enjoyed every part of that.”

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She carried on about devotion to the game, and noted: “I enjoyed just grinding my a** off in that game. I enjoyed every game that I played, for the most part, and I think it was seeing the progress that really felt good – especially progress in something that you are initially so clueless in.”

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