100 Thieves reveal new Valorant roster

100 Thieves Asuna posed for the camera at Valorant Masters BerlinRiot Games

100 Thieves have announced the signing of William ‘Will’ Cheng, Brenden ‘stellar’ McGrath, Sean ‘bang’ Bezerra and Derrek ‘Derrek’ Ha to its Valorant roster, completing its roster shakeup ahead of VCT Stage 2.

Will, stellar, bang and Derrek will join Peter ‘Asuna’ Mazuryk to prepare for next month’s Challengers 2, and a chance at international competition.

Ahead of the signing, 100T added a murder’s row of staff to coach and scout a new team for the second stage of VCT.

The front office includes former casting duo Sean Gares and Daniel ‘ddk’ Kapadia as Head Coach and General Manager, respectively, as well as former Envy Head Coach Michael ‘Mikes’ Hockom as assistant coach.

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This is the team’s third roster overhaul in 2022. Originally, they signed European in-game leader Adam ‘ec1s’ Eccles and Sentinel main Hunter ‘BabyJ’ Schline to play alongside Asuna, Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin and Ethan ‘Ethan’ Arnold.

That roster only lasted two matches in the North American league after 100 Thieves dropped its new signees following back-to-back losses in VCT Challengers 1.

That led to 100 Thieves to sign replacements in young talents Sean ‘bang’ Bezerra (on loan from TSM) and former Immortals IGL Noah ‘jcStani’ Smith.

With those two in the wings, 100 Thieves went 1-2 in its final matches and did not qualify for the playoff stage of the event.

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Recently the team’s Sova main, Hiko, announced his retirement and concentration on content creation leaving another spot to fill before the announcement. Ethan has announced that he is exploring options for new teams.

Of the new additions, bang is the most tenured player on the team having played with 100 Thieves on loan in late February. Will was last seen playing for Built By Gamers before the organization released its main Valorant roster.

Stellar previously IGL’d for SoaR and Luminosity Gaming before his move to 100 Thieves while Derrek was last seen playing for Rise in the North American VCT league.

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