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Mysterious new Valorant Castle map teased at First Strike Korea

Published: 7/Dec/2020 14:01

by Lauren Bergin


While the excitement over Valorant First Strike is dying down, there’s more to be excited about as, during the First Strike: Korea tournament, Riot teased a possible new Valorant map. 

The Korean leg of the First Strike tournament certainly proved that Korea are going to become a dominant force on Future Earth.

One thing that a lot of fans glazed over though was the opening ceremony, which featured stunning visuals and performances choreographers, DekTeukCrew. Specifically, the backgrounds seen framing the amazing dances could give us a sneak peek into Valorant’s future.

Specifically, Riot are seemingly teasing fans with a new possible map that may accompany Episode 2 of the popular FPS.


Vision Strikers win Valorant First Strike Korea
Vision Strikers via. Twitter
Vision Strikers have been unveiled as First Strike Korea’s champions, but what else has been revealed?

A new castle themed Valorant map?

Throughout the opening ceremony, the background appears to explore what looks like a medieval castle, fully decked out with iron gates and winding staircases.

The new location follows on from Icebox in the ceremony’s run through the 5 existing maps, and therefore it makes sense that this may be the predecessor to the game’s most controversial map.

While there’s been no confirmation that a map like this will be coming to the game, it would be an odd decision to include such a design in the Opening Ceremony of a major tournament, especially when all of the game’s other maps have been on show.


A castle themed map would be a very different take for Valorant, as Future Earth is renowned for its unique style of cities such as Split and futuristic arctic bases like Icebox. A medieval castle is a huge step away from this style, so it would be interesting to see how Riot’s dev team transform an iconic piece of history into a modern-day fortress.

So fingers crossed this is the sign of a cool new map coming in Episode 2. Now, all we need is a brand new agent to go with it.