LOUD’s Valorant IGL says tuyz surprises him every day

saadhak LOUD at VCT LOCK//INRiot Games

LOUD defeated Karmine Corp 2-0 at VCT LOCK//IN off the back of some impressive performances from the Valorant squad’s new additions Arthur ‘tuyz’ Vieira and Cauan ‘cauanzin’ Pereira.

LOUD swept the French-side Karmine Corp as the Brazilian Valorant team won on their home soil at VCT LOCK//IN. LOUD’s Felipe ‘Less’ Basso topped the leaderboard in terms of kills, but the roster’s newest additions, tuyz and cauanzin, made the match highlight reel with shocking plays on both maps.

In the first map, Pearl, tuyz converted a one vs. two fight in his favor and left his IGL gobsmacked on the player cam. When asked about the moment, saadhak said the new players surprise him regularly.

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“These guys are so good, it’s amazing watching them play so it was a genuine expression from me. It was like ‘Jesus Christ I didn’t know he could do that.’ But he always surprises,” saadhak said in a post-match press conference.

LOUD continue to mow threw the Valorant competition

LOUD added the young players in the offseason after two players from their Valorant Champions 2022 roster left for Sentinels. The squad seems to have not missed a step with the new players as they are on their way to the semifinals of the Alpha Group this time around.

The team is set to have a rematch of sorts with NRG Esports, as the core three players and coach on the North American squad faced off against LOUD in two championship matches in 2022. The LOUD captain said that the match will be different this time around, because of the new year, tournament, and players on the team.

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“We are a pretty new team, we have really young players and NRG have experienced players. So for us, it’s like this is an experience. We’re here just to prove ourselves and to learn to see what we can do,” saadhak said.

The two teams will face off in the best-of-three on February 19.