LOUD Saadhak explains meta-breaking Ascent Valorant composition

Declan Mclaughlin

LOUD showcased a new Ascent composition in their VCT Americas Kickoff matches. The team’s IGL explained the composition in a vlog posted to social media.

Ascent is a map that many professional teams consider to be figured out in terms of agent composition. Teams usually run a variation of Omen, Killjoy, Sova, KAY/O, and Jett. Teams put their own flavor on the standard, substituting Killjoy for either Chamber or Cypher, KAY/O with Skye or Jett for another Duelist.

Teams might also bring in another Controller for better map control, but the idea of the composition and what utility used to take space, has been understood for a while.

LOUD, a team that prides itself on pro Valorant meta innovation thanks to its IGL Matias ‘Saadhak’ Delipetro, took a different approach to the map in at VCT Americas Kickoff. Saadhak explained how the team came up with the composition in a vlog release on social media.

LOUD broke the Ascent Valorant meta

In LOUD’s series against Sentinels and Leviatán, the Brazilian team ran Omen, Phoenix, Viper, KAY/O and Breach on Ascent. The flash-heavy composition creates opportunities for players to fight for space using teamplay more than compositions with Sova and a Sentiels agent that use mollies or other utility to claim space.

Multiple agents also have easy ways to destroy Killjoy utility, which usually thrives in retakes or holding down areas solo.

Saadhak explained in a video on his social media page that the structure of this composition and others have been in the works for almost a year.

“I had many ideas and concepts that I really wanted to implement, wanted to bring into the game, but it would take a long time. So, in Champions, for example, we didn’t play the way I really wanted to play. And with the team change, me deciding to stay with LOUD, we called Gabriel ‘qck’ Lima. Why did we call QcK? Because he can bring that flexibility that I always talk about… it was a very important part for us to be able to use this type of composition, man. And the truth is, we still have a lot to work on,” he said.

The IGL also said that the team’s early exit from VCT Masters Tokyo created a hunger within him to “create new things and reappear at the top globally.”

LOUD are set to fight for a spot at VCT Masters Madrid in the Playoff Stage of the kickoff tournament and will have more chances to show off what they have been cooking in the Valorant server.

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