Valorant leak reveals new competitive playlist feature for top players

Riot Games

Leaked coding from the Valorant in-game files has shown a points-based ranked ladder could be about to be introduced to the high tiers of the Valorant ranked system.

In the current Valorant ranked system, players ranked in the game’s top tiers have very little to play for beyond remaining in the top tiers.

So, back in October, Valorant game director Joe Ziegler confirmed Riot was working on introducing a leaderboard with a points-based system for ranking all players at the top levels of the game. They didn’t set a precise time of arrival, but teased that it would be introduced for Valorant Episode 2, which should drop early 2021.

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The points system works similarly to that in League of Legends, where, for example, players ranked Challenger are separated by points rather than tiers.

Major changes for Immortal+ Valorant rankings

Courtesy of @ValorLeaks, new strings have been added to the game in the latest patch, indicating the new points system is well on its way to being introduced.

The key string states: “At Immortal and above, your Ranked Rating Points will continue to accrue,” suggesting a points-based leaderboard is on its way.

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Like the League ranked system, the Valorant leaderboards will be separated by region, with players ranked Immortal and above theoretically able to accrue an infinite number of points.

It also looks like we could be seeing a ranked ladder more similar to League’s at the lower ranks, too. One line states: “100 ranked points needed for rank up,” which is similar to the LP system in League where players require 100 ladder points to progress to the next tier.

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a list of the valorant ranksRiot Games
The current Valorant competitive tier system. Could tiers become separated by points?

The precise details of this new system remain unclear, but it seems Riot is intent on adding greater incentives for progression for players at the top level of Valorant.

All these leaked string confirm is that progress is being made. Riot isn’t afraid to make big changes when necessary, and the community is pretty keen for this to be introduced.

Hopefully, Riot will be dropping more information on this in the not-too-distant future.

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