Karmine Corp drops three Valorant players from the roster mid-match

Daniel Appleford
Karmine Corp Valorant 2022 / 2023

Karmine Corp removed three players from its reserve roster during the team’s match against Fnatic to qualify for Masters Madrid.

Karmine Corp exceeded expectations during the EMEA Kickoff by sweeping the Play-In stage and beating Fnatic 2-0 to qualify for the first international event of the year. They will face off against Team Heretics in the Grand Final on March 1 to determine which team will be the first seed at Masters Madrid.

Despite the team’s recent success, Karmine Corp struggled during the inaugural season of the new franchised VCT. They finished at the leaderboard’s bottom and never made it to any events outside of the initial one to kick off the year in São Paulo.

When the offseason began, Karmine Corp started from the ground up with its roster and recruited four new players to join the organization. However, they kept a majority of their former players in their reserve roster. Now that the team will attend its first tournament since joining the VCT, they have decided to let those former members go.

Karmine Corp ditches former Valorant stars

The automated account on Twitter/X for VCT contracts updated the status of three of Karmine’s Corps core players from their previous team. This included duo brothers ScreaM and Nivera who were a critical part of Team Liquid’s success before signing on with Karmine Corp in 2023.

“Match was so easy they had time to cut the washed CS pros,” said one commenter on Twitter/X.

Similar sentiments were shared among other commenters, saying that Karmine Corp no longer needed the players after qualifying. 

“This is what was holding KC back all this time,” said another.

While ScreaM, Nivera, and XMS were still under contract with the team, they were not seen in practices and did not play official matches after the off-season. However, ScreaM did show support for the newly formed roster before the team’s debut in Play-Ins.

“Good luck to the new KC boys,” said ScreaM. “I’ll be back with the streams in the next few days.”

Karmine Corp has not made any statements regarding the removal of their former players. Additionally, there have been no rumors surrounding XMS, ScreaM, and Nivera on their plans for competitive Valorant going forward.